Offer e-Booking!

Streamline your clinic with our online appointment booking system.

Why use the online e-Booking Platform?

Studies have shown that clinics have fewer 'no shows' and save $220 per week per physician when they offer e-booking.

Reduce Expenses

A lot of time is spent manually booking appointments. Let our e-Booking service take care of most of the scheduling, and let your staff spend focus their time on other clinic duties.

Improve Patient Experience

Let your patients book appointments at their convenience. Our platform offers automated and one-click appointment reminders to reduce no shows.

Manage Patient Flow

Our e-Booking service was designed to seamlessly integrate with your EMR software and workflow processes to automating online appointment booking.


Increase your clinic's visibility. Put yourself a step ahead of the competition.


See all available time slots and book appointments in a few clicks.


Integrates with existing EMR software to minimize disruption of your workflow.


Update your clinic information so your patients remain connected.